Police: Golfer Dies After Being Stung By Bees In Michigan

Police say a golfer from Ohio has died after being stung at least 20 times by bees as he searched for a ball in woods in northern Michigan.

Michigan State Police Sgt. Mark Tamlyn says Darryl Dever of Powell was pronounced dead Wednesday after having trouble breathing.

Tamlyn told WWJ Newsradio 950 that Dever and a friend — a doctor — were golfing together at Treetops Resort’s north course when Dever went into the woods to retrieve a ball.

Tamlyn said that’s bees came out of a hive on the ground, stinging Dever at least 20 times in the head and neck.

Still, he played on.

“He went from the second hole to the third hole, and when he got to the third hole, he was having problem, was feeling sick, was having respiratory problems,” said Tamlyn.

There was no cell service, Tamlyn said, so the pair could not immediately call for help.

Dever had no known allergy to bee stings, but Tamlyn noted that enough stings can be fatal even to someone without an allergy
“It is sad; it really is…You just go golfing and it results in your death. You just never know what life is gonna present to you,” Tamlyn said.

Treetops Resort is near Gaylord, about 200 miles northwest of Detroit.