Another Golfer's Caddie Made More in Prize Money Than Tiger Woods Last Year

Twenty-two-year-old Texan golfer Jordan Spieth had a hell of a 2015 PGA Tour season, winning the Masters and U.S. Open and ascending to the sport's No. 1 ranking. Spieth made so much prize money this year, in fact—more than $23 million—that Golf Digest estimates that his caddie has made more money from golf prize money in 2015 than most golfers, including fallen star Tiger Woods. By a lot. From SB Nation:
Estimates of what Michael Greller, a former elementary school teacher, earned during the Summer of Spieth come in at something north of $2.3 million -- some $1.8 million more than Tiger Woods netted in another forgettable season for the former world No. 1.
You can see how much prize money other golfers hauled in (on the PGA Tour, which is the largest though not only source of prize income) here. More than 220 of them made less than Greller!